Cushy's for Trek Speed Concepts RACE SERIES CYTK01RACE
 In order to meet the demands of both the Triathlete and bike fitters we are launching a Limited Race Series pads that are thinner than our normal Cushy's pad. These will be limited launches of the pad styles that are the most popular. Made of the same materials as our normal Cushy's, the Race Models still provide adequate shock dampening and are closer to original stock pads in size so eliminating the need for a fit adjustment.
     With world famous Cee Gee’s Cushys you should feel an improvement in forearm, upper chest, shoulder and neck comfort. We would know, as we use them ourselves and have been perfecting the art since 1989. Nowadays, many professional bike racers, world class triathletes and those all-important weekend warriors can be seen riding with them. Over 70 styles to match your armrests and made to last, Cushys built to go the distance.

    Cee Gees Cushys "those that have...and those that will".

  • Fits: 2010-2011 Trek Speed 7 Series, 2012 Trek Speed 7.5 / 7.2/ 7.0, 2010-2012 Trek Speed 2 Series
    • Important note: If you do not see your Trek Speed Series here you may need a Bontrager Race Lite, or if the height and width are too small (see below) you will need a Bontrager X Race 2013.
  • Height: 9cm Width: 9cm
  • Thickness: 1.2 cm
  • Cee Gees does not provide Velcro with this model since the aerobar manufacturer furnishes it as part of the arm rest holders. Please examine to see if it’s present or in good condition. If it needs replacing we offer several solutions on our Velcro Kit tab
  • Hi-Tech Dual Density Construction
  • Washable Lycra Surface Material
  • Long Lasting…Almost indestructible Foam
  • Retains Soft and Cushy Feel

  • Tips
    • Keep Cushys off of the armrest while in transit to avoid losing one
    • Break in your Cushys before Racing

    If unsure of the fit, DO NOT open the bag. We cannot replace your Cushys once the bag is opened. You can always call us 800-243-2370 or email us to verify the correct fit. Our customer service employees love to help an athlete out.