Cee Gees Extreme Relief Muscle Cream w/CBD 2oz by Naked Science
Extreme Relief Muscle cream formulated by Naked Science Topicals . Our homeopathic CBD infused skin care products have been created to help enhance the lives of those looking for a safe and healthy alternative to conventional over the counter products. CBD has been associated with a host of health and wellness uses including healthy bone growth, cell and tissue growth. powerful anti-inflammatory without negative side effects. According to a 2016 study conducted in rats, topical application of CBD relieves arthritis swelling and pain without producing side effects. Our CBD Isolate is derived from Industrial Hemp and contains no THC. Naked Science is committed to using the highest quality all-natural ingredients available. Using a proprietary blend of essential oils and carrier agents, we have developed a CBD infused topical that diminishes muscle pain almost immediately in most cases. This product is a clean, non-greasy lotion that will not stain your clothing. The Sore Muscle Cream is stable and can be carried with you at all times. Recommended Use: Use regularly on areas where muscle pain persist. Great before or after workouts or events to help relive pain and increase circulation and blood flow in those areas. Do not ingest Topical use only. Our products are made in a sterile environment laboratory in Spokane Washington and tested at Trace Analytics Testing Laboratory. We take every step possible to ensure the quality and integrity of our products for you. All of our products have a guaranteed shelf life of one year. Price includes domestic shipping