Cushy's Cut to Fit Velcro Kit CYHP01
Many of the current Aero-Ba/Bike manufacturers have great difficulty with the hook Velcro when it comes to the arm plates and pad attachment. With the multitude of adjustment points there is sometimes minimal coverage to get a true bond on all the various substrates whether it metal, plastic or carbon fiber. Then the formula becomes complete on a hot day when you throw the bike on the rack and drive off with the pads still on. The glue flows under the heat and the wind effect at 80 mph on the highway relieves you of both Velcro and your Cushy's. Arghhhhhh! No worse feeling on race day friends. We provide two generous 4''x 4" Swatches of our formulated quality adhesive Hook designed for you to gain full to maximum coverage of your arm rest. You provide the scissors and a steady hand to cut out the shapes and areas you need. This hook length is specific to our backing fabric to provide maximum holding power. BTW to ensure that you arrive at your next event with your Cushy's don't forget to remove your them prior to transport. They can fall pray to the effects of heat and wind.