ControlTech Terminator Plugs Road 23.8mm

ControlTech's Terminator Plugs (AC-62)

As a Bike Junkie you may be naturally drawn to the thrill of speed and daily road obstacles. However, with this thrill comes with the risk of injury. Avoid life threatening injuries with ControlTech's Terminator Bar Plugs. This necessary component was designed with strong materials to keep you safe from your handlebars even during the most dangerous falls.

  • Material is 6061 Aluminum
  • Easy to Install, Carbon Friendly
  • 5mm Hex Adjustment Head

  • Technical Specifications

    • Extension length 20mm
    • External Diameter 23.8mm
    • Top Material: 6061 Aluminum
    • Weight: 37 grams for Entire Set
    • Color: Black with ControlTech logo