ControlTech Aero Supply

ControlTech's Aero Supply

The ControlTech's Aero Supply was designed for triathletes who prefer the rear mount hydration system. During long rides, when you are unable to slow down at every single handup, you face the possibility of dehydration. Sometimes you just need to keep riding. With ControlTech's Aero Supply you can remain hydrated without worrying about multiple refills. The Aero Supply was also made with carbon fiber to keep the water bottle securely in place, while eliminating extra weight. If you need a rear mount hydration system consider ControlTech's Aero Supply.

  • Material is Carbon
  • Monocoque Design
  • Lightweight yet Durable
  • Able to Carry CO2 Cartridge

  • Technical Specifications

    • Weight: 187g
    • Color: Black, ControlTech Logo
    • AL7075 bolts