Cee Gees PodiumQuest
PodiumQuest is the original Dual Chamber front mounted hydration system that was launched in 2006. It boasted the original fast fill caps, now seen on most aero bottles. Perfect for training rides, Triathlon events or Ultra Marathon Cycling. It mounts quickly and easily on most any type of aerobar with a space of 2" up to 4" between the aerobars. Unlike some systems it's compact design keeps the liquid weight close to the aerobars and promotes a more stable ride. Innovator of the fast fill cap system that allows filling on the fly. The Two chamber design allows for different types of sports drinks / fuel formulas to be utilized. Can be cleaned in place or removed. All parts are replaceable.

  • Patented Fast Fill Technology
  • Amazing 50oz Capacity (27 & 23 oz Chambers)
  • Translucent design to easily see fluid levels
  • Fits and mounts easily to most aerobars
  • Full one year warranty
  • All parts are replaceable

  • Tech Specs
    • Medical grade straws
    • Non-BPA Food Grade Materials
    • Lower Chamber 27oz
    • Top Chamber 23oz
    • Kit includes Aero bottle, fast fill caps, straws, mouthpiece, straw clip and mounting straps, mounting shims, instructions.