About Cee Gees

CEE GEES has been dedicated to constructing and distributing multi-sport cycling products since 1989. We are based out of Spokane Washington, a region often referred to as the utopia for outdoor sports enthusiasts.

Although it has been 22 years since our founding, CEE GEES continues to set the standard in every product designed and created. Cutting corners on quality goes against everything we stand for. When you buy our products, rest assured each one has been assembled with considerable care. We genuinely listen to our customers to make their experience in cycling the best it can be.

Mission Statement

CEE GEES pledges to deliver exceptionally made products to athletes who strive for more then the ordinary. Made for athletes, used by athletes, and cherished by all our products aim to exceed expectations.

Still Interested?

We want to hear what you have to say. We encourage you to become part of CEE GEES cycling family to experience the wonderful things that are and the awesome things that are occurring right now. As our by line states ... "There are those that have and those that will"